Govinda Jaya . by Sound Of Thieves
PAL 16:9 - 6'11'’’ [ 2016 ]
Fundación el 1 de septiembre de 2014

The pair decided to go to Nicosia in Cyprus originally to spend time with Jan's mum Ewa who is a professional musician for the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. But they came just at the right time for that too, becoming part of the Mediterranean island's underground movement of experimental music. in Manchester, United Kingdom] Our take on Govinda Jaya. Recorded live using a VoiceLive Touch 2 from TC-Helicon.
Experimental Live Electro Music. Phoebe & Jan, Hope you like it!


Diario de Nadie | Nobody's Diary
Exposición individual de Jaime Rguez
en la Galería Octógono de Avilés.
Inauguración: 8 de Junio del 2018

Jaime Rguez solo exhibition
in the Octógono Gallery, Avilés.
Opening: June 8, 2018


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